About us

This podcast started as a way for Toni to announce to friends and family “Sorry I am awkward, I was in a cult!” We had planned on having a total of ten listeners-all close family who might have been curious about Toni’s experience in her old “Church”. Family and friends were curious but didn’t know exactly how to ask her to rehash the details. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed by the amount of support and interest we have had in our story. You can hear it in the first few episodes how hesitant we both were about disclosing too much, for legal and personal reasons. However, we quickly realized Toni was not alone. There are thousands of high demand groups all over the world-causing damage and separating families.

Lindsey and Toni are two sisters who talk about the experience of Toni being in the WMSCOG “cult” and Lindsey’s exhaustive efforts to get her out. Toni was heavily involved for over 12 years and this show is a space for us to discuss the impacts of that experience. The impacts on her personally, on Lindsey as a sister, on our family and friends, and on society as a whole.

We have quickly discovered that Toni’s experience is not isolated and there is a beautiful community of ex-members out there that deserve their freedom and happiness!. We encourage anyone struggling after leaving the church to check out our resources page . Feel free to contact us if you would like to share your story, either online or offline. We take your privacy very seriously and try to make sure everyone who wants to share stories on the show are in a healthy space and it’s the best course for their own healing process.

We appreciate you!!! We hope this podcast is all sorts of things for you-funny, informative, inspirational, and sometimes emotional.